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Our manufacturing capabilities range from designing to high firing of ceramics, and we collectively manage and produce 700,000pcs a month within our 14700m² site.
To date, we have created a wide variety of tableware designs.
We value our relatioinship with our customers, preparing various samples and refining each one to perfection.
Since our company's start 40 years ago, we have accumulated experience that gives us a strong foundation for which our company stands presently.
From the past to the future…
Based on product strength and technical capabilities that have been developed so far, as a manufacturer capable of mass producing ceramics, we strive to overcome new obstacles and continue our growth as a company.

Yu Kidokoro
Yu Kidokoro

Arizona State University

•Different Strokes, 2012, Gallery 100, Arizona State University
•Nebraska National Collegiate Juried Art Exhibition, 2012, Eisentrager-Howard Gallery
•Annual Juried Undergrad Exhibition, 2011, Harry Wood Gallery, Arizona State University
•The Third Dimension, 2011, Bragg’s Pie Factory
•kilnopening.edu 2010, American Museum of Ceramic Art
•Cypress College, 2010, California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art
•2009 – 2010 Student Art Show (Cypress College)
•Cypress College, 2009, California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art
•2008 – 2009 Student Art Show (Cypress College)

Permanent Collection
•Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona

•Nebraska National Collegiate Juried Art Exhibition [Best of Show Ceramics]
•2009–2010 Student Art Show, Cypress College [Alfred Kuan Award]
•2008 – 2009 Student Art Show, Cypress College
[Robert Hardy Award] [Faculty Award] [Ceramics-First Place]
•Arizona State University [New American University Scholarship]

•Sales Planner / Designer
Futada Ltd., Toki, Gifu

•Ceramics Lab Tech
Cypress College, Cypress, California

•Visual Arts Associate
OC Fair, Costa Mesa, California

The design concept of my work is “wa-modern”, or in other words, contemporary Japanese. It attempts to bridge the gap between [modern and my foreign view of wa] by combining both into a ceramic tableware design that creates a new dining and interior lifestyle experience.

Shinya Shibata
Shinya Shibata

Born 1956 Blood Type AB

Born in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture
After graduating Okazaki Jousei high school, studied graphic design at a
design institute. Worked in Tokishi-Dachi in 1976.

Started working for Futada Ltd. in my 50’s.

My main focus is ceramic design with an emphasis on pad printing and hand painted samples. I also specialize in Karakusa patterns, and recently more involved in PC software such as Photoshop & Illustrator for design planning.

Company Profile
Company Name
Futada Ltd.
President & CEO Mr. Tatsuhiko Kobayashi
2257-20 Hida, Hida-cho
Tokishi, Gifu-Prefecture
509-5115 Japan
Tel: +81-572-55-3175
Fax: +81-572-54-9711
Sep. 1976
Co-op Futadagama Founded
July. 2015
Transfer Business License from Co-op Futadagama to Futada Ltd.

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